Distilling NH Spirits

What makes Flag Hill spirits unique?   First and foremost, like our wines, we strive to use as many local products in the production of our spirits as we are able.  The core agricultural product for the majority of our spirits is currently the apple.   We purchase thousands of gallons of pressed apples from Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH to make neutral apple spirits that are used for our vodka, gin, apple brandy and liqueur products.  The majority of the apples used for these products are “dropped” or “seconds” that are sometimes harder for the NH apple grower to sell and use.  Our grappa is made from the pomace (the leftover skins and inner flesh) of our grapes at harvest time.  Our newest product, the moonshine uses a mash of corn and barley purchased and processed at Smuttynose Brewery and the blueberries, maple syrup and cranberries for our liqueurs come from regional New England states.

Secondly, we hold our spirits to a high bar of craftsmanship, producing only the best quality products for our patrons, considered top or premium shelf products in the industry. Our products have received numerous awards and accolades, both from consumers and industry organizations.  Keeping with the NH tradition, we have also embodied the name of our products to reflect the spirit of NH, from our Karner Blue Gin with the beautiful blue state butterfly to our General John Stark Vodka with a portrait of the war hero himself on the front.

All of our spirits are made on site from beginning to end, beginning with the fermentation of the original ingredients to create the alcohol that will be separated in the still for the end product.  Aged spirits are stored in oak barrels until the peak of perfection, while clear spirits are quickly whisked away for final filtering and finishing.  Every bottle that ends up in the hands of a patron to enjoy has been filled, capped, sealed and boxed for sale on our premises. The time, skill, care and team effort that goes in to every Flag Hill spirit bottle is what makes our product delicious, distinct and uniquely NH.  Enjoy!

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