Visiting Flag Hill

At Flag Hill we encourage visitors of all ages to enjoy, experience and learn about all aspects of a working vineyard, winery and distillery. Our business is multi-faceted and covers a range of focuses that make a visit enjoyable for everyone: agriculture and farming techniques, chemistry, conservation issues, green and sustainability practices, construction and machinery, production and stock management, marketing, hospitality and catering.

We do admit that the most enjoyable part of visiting seems to be the wine and spirit tasting (for our 21+ guests), but there is so much to do and enjoy at Flag Hill that each and every visit brings new and different experiences.

If your next visit to Flag Hill will also be your first, we encourage you to browse through our Visiting section to find out about the various opportunities and activities at Flag Hill. Below are some great ways to enjoy all that Flag Hill has to offer. Click the activity to direct you to the correct area of our web site for more information.

Flag Hill Winery & Distillery is open to the public Wednesday – Sunday, from 11am-5pm year round. For a list of holiday and any periodic closed dates please see the Hours & Directions page.

A few helpful Flag Hill property policies to keep in mind:

  1. All Flag Hill property is non-smoking. Please be respectful of our staff and fellow guests in regards to this.
  2. With the exception of Service Dogs, animals are not allowed inside the Tasting Room & Gift Store. You are welcome to give your furry friends a walk and breather from the car while you are here. Please make sure all dogs are leashed and that all “droppings” are picked up and disposed of properly. Guests are fully responsible for their own pets and should ensure they are under control at all times. Please remember that on warm days your dog is better left at home than in a hot car while you are tasting.
  3. Everyone should assume that you could be asked for proper identification to taste wine or spirits at the Tasting Bar.
  4. It is against the law to bring any alcohol on to the property for the purpose of consuming at Flag Hill.
  5. We encourage picnics outside on the lawn area and food may be brought on site to enjoy on the outside public grounds of the property. (No grilling please.)
  6. Cheese, crackers and other snacks may not be brought to be consumed inside at the Tasting Bar.

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