Following the second harvest year of our vineyard in 1995, Flag Hill Winery was established with a first production run of 500 cases consisting of four types of wine, and the doors to the winery were open in the spring of 1996.

Our vineyard currently produces 6 varieties of grapes including North American, such as Niagara, French Hybrids such as Marechal Foch, De Chaunac and Vignoles, American Hybrids such as Cayuga and our newest, the Minnesota Hybrid, La Crescent. The owner, winemaker, and vineyard manager work closely together as a team to ensure performance and future plans for the vineyard and winery are well aligned to put quality wines on our shelves.

Flag Hill Winery produces various types of wines including grape, fruit, and dessert wines as well as NH’s first port. All our wine is produced and bottled on site. We choose to produce grape wines that reflect the flavors of grapes that can be grown in our region. While you won’t find Merlot or Chardonnay in our tasting room, you will find both red and white wines suited to fit a variety of tastes. Red wines normally age in the barrels for two years, aging until ready to be bottled. The white wines are aged for one year. Fruit wines are produced throughout the year, both our regular favorites and some seasonal.

Our history continues with the addition of Flag Hill Distillery in 2004.

We invite you to stop by our tasting room and gift shop, open every day from 11am-5pm to take a taste of NH and learn more about grape growing, wine making and the craft of distilled spirits..


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