Flag Hill Wines

With our first grapes planted in 1990, we have been making locally grown, harvested and produced grape wines since 1994.  All of our grape wines are made using cold weather grapes grown right on our property in Lee, NH.  With  the largest vineyard in the state of NH, we are proud to say our grape wines are 100% New Hampshire!  We also offer a variety of fruit wines, most of which use locally procured fruit as well.  Stop by and try some today!

  • Apple Cranberry Fruit Wine

    Tart and sweet!

  • Raspberry Fruit Wine

    Sweet, rich & lightly tart.

  • Flag Hill White

    Dry & lightly oaked

  • Vignoles

    Off Dry

  • Cayuga White

    Sweet and vibrant

  • Flag Hill Blush

    Lightly dry

  • Marechal Foch

    Dry and earthy

  • Flag Hill Red

    Dry and spicy

  • De Chaunac

    Lightly sweet

  • North River Port

    Warm and sweet

  • Pommeau

    Sweet and strong

  • Maiden's Blush

    Sweet and foxy

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