With a wide variety of wines and spirits we are sure you will find one or two or more products to sip and enjoy for any occasion.

  • Apple Cranberry Fruit Wine

    Tart and sweet!

  • Raspberry Fruit Wine

    Sweet, rich & lightly tart.

  • Flag Hill White

    Dry & lightly oaked

  • Vignoles

    Off Dry

  • Cayuga White

    Sweet and vibrant

  • Flag Hill Blush

    Lightly dry

  • Marechal Foch

    Dry and earthy

  • Flag Hill Red

    Dry and spicy

  • De Chaunac

    Lightly sweet

  • North River Port

    Warm and sweet

  • Pommeau

    Sweet and strong

  • General John Stark Vodka

    Ultra smooth !

  • Karner Blue Gin

    Lightly refreshing
    juniper taste.

  • Flag Hill White Rum

    Smooth and lightly sweet – great for mixing!

  • Flag Hill Spiced Rum

    Amazing on the rocks!

  • Maiden's Blush

    Sweet and foxy

  • Josiah Bartlett
    Barrel Aged Apple Brandy

    Perfect pairing of
    oak and apple.

  • Graham's Grappa

    Non barrel aged brandy.

  • White Mountain Moonshine

    White whiskey

  • Cranberry Liqueur

    Sweet and tart

  • Blueberry Liqueur

    Lightly dry and smooth

  • Raspberry Liqueur

    Sweet and deliciously raspberry

  • Sugar Maple Liqueur

    Sweet and sensational

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