Flag Hill Spirits

Flag Hill Distillery was established in 2004.  Our spirits and liqueurs are made from their base products, with all ingredients fermented, distilled and bottled on site.  We use no artificial coloring or flavoring in our products and procure all ingredients as locally as possible.  Enjoy!

  • General John Stark Vodka

    Ultra smooth !

  • Karner Blue Gin

    Lightly refreshing
    juniper taste.

  • Flag Hill White Rum

    Smooth and lightly sweet – great for mixing!

  • Flag Hill Spiced Rum

    Amazing on the rocks!

  • Josiah Bartlett
    Barrel Aged Apple Brandy

    Perfect pairing of
    oak and apple.

  • Graham's Grappa

    Non barrel aged brandy.

  • White Mountain Moonshine

    White whiskey

  • Cranberry Liqueur

    Sweet and tart

  • Blueberry Liqueur

    Lightly dry and smooth

  • Raspberry Liqueur

    Sweet and deliciously raspberry

  • Sugar Maple Liqueur

    Sweet and sensational


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