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  • How much does the Case Crew cost?
    You pay only for your wines and spirits. 6 bottles every 6 months. We offer multiple curated case options. Some will be more expensive than others, however the default is ALWAYS the most affordable and will NEVER exceed $150.
  • When will my card be charged?
    Your credit card will be charged approximately 1 week prior to the release. This allows us to prepare cases based on the selections people have made.
  • Can I bring my spouse to Crew Night?
    You can bring your spouse for Crew Night! Spouses can enjoy the benefits of Case crew without having two memberships.
  • I won’t be able to make it to Crew Night. How will I get my new half case?
    Your half case will be held for up to 6 months for fully paid cases. Unpaid cases will be held for 2 months. Two weeks following the subsequent release, paid case bottles will be restocked in our store and we cannot guarantee any particular bottle to the member.
  • We would like our half case shipped. Can you do that?
    Unfortunately, we cannot ship spirits at this time.
  • Can I cancel my Membership?
    All cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the Release. If your cancellation is made within the 30-day window, we can't guarantee your card on file won't be charged. If you wish to cancel, please email requesting to cancel your membership. We always appreciate feedback to improve Case Crew in the future, so including your reason for canceling will be helpful to our team.
  • How can I update my address or my credit card associated with my membership?
    If you need to update your card on file, send an email to with the name on the membership and a request to have a payment update message sent. David will then have the Case Crew system send you a message to your email on file to enter the payment information directly. If you have any issue with that, you can also call David directly (603-659-2949) and have him manually enter it into the system.
  • What will I get in the half case?
    Case Crew can now select from 3 different options of varying prices. Some will have more or less spirits.
  • Do I get to choose my wine and spirits?
    With our current program, you will be able to choose from 3 different curated cases. You cannot choose or swap individual cases.
  • Do I have to attend Crew Night to get my case?
    No members are required to attend Crew Night. The first day of release, cases are available to pick up anytime the store is open. Crew Night is merely a free party to benefit and thank our members.


6 bottles twice a year at 10% off

as part of a curated release


Member Only Wines and Spirits


Early Reservation Access 


Exclusive Tasting Room Experience


Exclusive Members Only Discounts


Specialty Flag Hill Wine Bag


“Crew Night” parties twice a year


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